Challenge 8: Geometry

A bathroom mirror, that can disappear from view.

Sliding bathroom mirror, open

The Häfele solution

A sliding mirror without visible hardware. And which makes it possible to clean the window from the bathroom to the hotel room.

  • The mirror is only “activated” when required.
  • Free view into the room from the washbasin.
  • The window is accessible and easy to clean at all times.


Combination of different sliding hardware fittings.

Fitting 405.83.917 is inserted into the running track 405.87.013 rotated by 180°, meaning that neither the running track nor the fitting is visible.

Cat. No. 405.83.917     Running gear for inserting.
Cat. No. 405.87.013     Aluminium running track.
Cat. No. 405.83.830     Housing for screw fixing.
Cat. No. 405.83.132     Stopper with spring.
Cat. No. 405.83.140     Guide for screw fixing.
Cat. No. 405.83.150     Door stopper set.

Sectional drawing of sliding mirror

Sectional drawing of sliding mirror
Hotel Giardino Mountain, St. Moritz Example

Hotel Giardino Mountain, St. Moritz

Hinzer Architektur AG, CH-Champfèr
Interior architecture:
Bofor Design GmbH, CH-Einingen,
Planungsbüro Bachhuber-Geissinger, D-Bad Birnbach

Giardino Group SA, CH-Ascona

Giardino Group SA, CH-Ascona

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