Challenge 7: Time

A multi-functional sofa bed. Delivered at short notice.

Multi-functional sofa bed

The Häfele solution

An existing Häfele fitting is adapted to the space and function requirements of the customer during the construction phase.

  • Sample installation on the construction site.
  • Joint detail optimisation on site.
  • Production of a small batch (400 pcs.).
  • Just in time delivery.


Cat. No. 271.89.020     Teleletto 2 foldaway bed fitting.


Fitting: Torsion-free tubular steel with resilient wooden slats, powder coated.
Gas filled strut for easy opening and closing, 12 flexibly mounted resilient wooden slats.

Built-in foldaway bed with bed frame, slatted frame, sofa frame and angular feet, securing brackets (anti-tilt facility), mattress holders and bedding straps.

Multi-functional sofa bed set up as bed

Multi-functional sofa bed set up as bed
Olympia Tower Studio Apartments, Munich Example

Olympia Tower Studio Apartments, Munich

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Olympia Tower GmbH & Co. KG, D-Forchheim

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2013 (renovation)

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