Häfele on your smartphone and tablet

Häfele App

With the Häfele app you can view catalogues and brochures from Häfele on your iPad, Android tablet or Android smartphone. You can also conveniently browse for fittings and also order them directly.

The Häfele Android App is available at the Google Play Store for all Android mobile devices, e.g. smartphones and mini tablet PCs that support at least Android Version 2.2 or higher.

The Häfele iPad app is available for your iPad in the App Store. A version for the iPhone is not yet available.


Häfele Connect App

With Häfele Connect you can use your smartphone/iPhone or tablet/iPad to control all components of the Loox LED lighting system and many other functional fittings in your Smart Home that are controllable via Bluetooth through Connect BLE boxes. The Häfele Connect app offers extensive control options, including the control of electric fittings in furniture and rooms.



Häfele Connect Mesh App

Häfele Connect Mesh allows you to controle all the components of the Loox5 LED lighting system and many other funtional fittings in your smart home using a Android smartphone/iPhone or Android tablet/iPad. These can be controled via Bluetooth® using Häfele Connect Mesh 6-way distributor. The Häfele Connect Mesh App offers extensive control options including the control of electric fittings technology in furniture and rooms:

  • Automatically detects and informs about new network hubs
  • Intuitive assignment of functions for switches
  • Setting up lighting groups and scenes
  • Share protected access with other users





Häfele Augmented Reality App

With the Häfele Augmented Reality App, you can visualize Häfele product and furniture solutions impressively in real environments.

For example, position complete storage space solutions (Häfele DressCode) in your own bedroom or dressing room and get an immediate impression of what the system will look like in your rooms later on. Go to the DressCode configurator, configure the product and then visualize it on a mobile device in your room using the Häfele Augmented Reality App.


The Häfele Augmented Reality App is available in the Google Play Store for all Android mobile devices such as smartphones and mini tablet PCs that support at least Android version 7.0 or higher. The app is also available for Apple devices with iOS 12.2. and higher.