Own bag production for additional customer proximity

Häfele has been in close proximity to the customer since 1923. One of the company’s most important maxims was and is that we have to be well acquainted with our customers. A good example of this attitude is the development of bag production.

Häfele production park in Nagold

The bag world in a bag

The idea was quite simple: when a customer develops a new furniture item, an specific need for fittings arises. If you can offer exactly these fittings in a bag, the customer does not just receive the fittings, but a perfect and individually assembled package. This helps both the customer and the furniture purchaser. The collaboration with the furniture manufacturer starts here at the analysis stage and during sample design. A good idea which has asserted itself and with which Häfele has decisively pushed the concept of DIY furniture forward. It now saves a great deal of time and money.

Singling system for concealed hinges

The bag has grown up

Häfele is now one of the world’s leading providers with its production park in Germany. A clever combination of automatic and manual processes results in individualised and cost-saving solutions for customers – in virtually any unit quantity, composition and shape. Customer-specific solutions far from the standard are becoming increasingly important, such as "bag in bag" or "bag in box" packaging, along with the company logo, barcode and info text. Special packaging such as shrink wrapping, blister packs and zone packaging are also included, of course. In total, 20 million bags leave the plant in Nagold – whereby a certified quality control system ensures that the package contents are correct.

Bag packaging system

The advantages are obvious

Hardware and packaging expertise from a single source. Häfele is involved in bag production along the entire value creation chain, from development to production. Häfele also has access to a huge assortment of fittings, achieves low-cost procurement with a central purchasing department and guarantees "Just in time” delivery. You can’t get much closer to the customer.

Packaging competence for furniture industry – Häfele

Packaging competence for furniture industry

Our packaging service is a special service offer for the furniture industry. A look behind the scenes.

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