System solutions - Create synergies, increase efficiency

As far as we are concerned, cost-effectiveness means analysing all factors across the entire value chain of a product during planning, and incorporating all of the participating engineering disciplines in the process.

The specific requirements of our customers in terms of functionality and design are already taken into account in the development phase. This integrated approach guarantees maximum efficiency, maximum possible compatibility of system elements and sustainability of the products.

System-Engineering by Häfele

Your benefits:

  • Value-added services in fabrication, production and installation using our system solutions
  • Sustainability: We endeavour to have system-capable components in every development project.
  • Experienced partners around the world guarantee products that meet the highest standards.
  • Our large procurement quantities ensure optimal value for money.
  • Flexible manufacturing process make short term response to extravagant customer wishes possible.
  • Innovative production methods allow for adaptation to meet changing product requirements – at any time and without additional expense.
  • Continuous checks ensure consistent quality of the products.
  • Continuous optimization of wareflows and data flows.
  • Logistics services such as Kanban, Just-in-time, Just-in-Sequence, “Vendor Managed Inventory” (VMI)