Free flap – Evolution or Revolution?

Modern kitchens score points with sophisticated technology and an appealing exterior. However, things have been changing inside the kitchen cabinet: in places where hinges were always used, more and more hingeless flap fittings are appearing.

This hasn’t just happened by chance. When conventional hinges are used, the front panels can only be moved to the side. They make access to the inside of the cabinet more difficult and are not particularly attractive.

Fortunately, things are different nowadays. Thanks to modern flap fittings, front panels can be simply and easily swivelled upwards. Cabinet doors protruding into the room are finally a thing of the past.

Free flap flap fitting from Häfele

What can such a stay flap fitting really do?

Or rather: is the stay flap fitting that we are familiar with a better alternative to the classic hinge? A stay flap fitting is much more structurally complex.

On the search for solutions, one thing quickly became clear: in order to achieve Häfele’s high quality standard, it would have to be re-designed. In order to do this, every component was closely examined. Pivot points were optimised, support arms and levers were stiffened and the kinematics were optimised. And now everything fits together.



Free flap 2.0

To put it in a nutshell: the result is called Free flap, and is a completely new stay flap fitting. It combines the connecting and holding function of the front panel, and therefore makes hinges superfluous. With a comprehensive range of setting options, it achieves a perfect gap pattern and a secure door and secure support for the door. The adjustable multi-position function and the integrated soft closing mechanism provide maximum operating convenience. An thanks to the pre-mounted screws, installation is extremely quick and simple. What more could you want?

A good decision

Although we weren’t planning to completely re-invent the stay flap fitting, we did it anyway. And this was extremely successful, since the industry is impressed with Free flap. Companies from many different countries became pilot customers and used the new product in kitchens before the official market launch. This was sure confirmation that Häfele has done a lot of things right with Free flap.