Management of the Häfele Group

Proximity to the customer and innovative thinking have been the characteristics that have identified the leadership personalities in Häfele’s family business for generations. Here is an introduction to the company management.

Sibylle Thierer

Sibylle Thierer

Chief Executive Officer

Sibylle Thierer assumed overall responsibility for the Häfele Group in 2003. She represents the third generation to oversee the family owned and operated company, and is paving the way to the future.

Areas of responsibility

  • Company management
  • Domestic sales
  • Business Development
Stefan Huber

Stefan Huber

Managing Director
Chief Executive International Business

Stefan Huber joined Häfele in 1996 in the capacity of product manager. Appointed managing director of Häfele Japan in 1998. Joined the company management of Häfele Worldwide in 2006.

Areas of responsibility

  • Foreign operations
Robert Raith

Robert Raith

Managing Director
Chief Development Officer/
Chief Production Officer

Robert Raith has been Head of development and manufacturing at Häfele since 2012. He is responsible for all Häfele production plants and for the development of new products.

Areas of responsibility

  • Central development
  • Production subsidiaries
  • Quality Management
Gregor Riekena (CMO)

Gregor Riekena

Managing Director
Chief Marketing Officer

Gregor Riekena has been marketing director at Häfele since October 2011. He has been a member of the company management since 2015 and is responsible for the areas of brand management, products and communication.

Areas of responsibility

  • Brand management
  • Product range
  • Communication
  • Purchase

Michael Distl

Managing Director Finance, Human Resources, Legal and Facility Management

Michael Distl is the newest member of the Company Management and has been part of Häfele since February 2020. He is responsible for Finance, Human Resources, Legal and Facility Management.

Areas of responsibility

  • Finance 
  • Human Resources 
  • Legal Affairs
  • Facility Management
  • Logistics
  • IT