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JopaJoma – With Häfele as your ideal planning partner from brand development to the operator concept

•    Apartment houses: A trend in small towns too
•    JopaJoma: New brand sets standards
•    “More life per square metre”: A Häfele speciality 
•    From the concept down to the smallest detail
•    Own and third-party products in perfect interaction

Apartment houses: A trend in small towns too
In the small town of Kenzingen in Baden, Christoph and Stephan Schmidt have built a modern, three-storey house just around the corner from their architectural office. The double pitch roof building with the petrol green plastered façade and the distinctive dormers stands out in the structurally homogeneous residential area without appearing dominant or even intrusive. However, an outside viewer will not suspect that something is entering this prestigious building that has so far been booming almost exclusively in large metropolises. Apartment house and temporary living concepts are booming in cities: With their range of small and tiny apartments, they are aimed at weekend commuters, professional nomads, and students who need comfortable, smoothly functioning living space for a limited time – without having to drag furniture or wait for the WiFi connection. You can now find it in South Baden.


JopaJoma: A new brand sets standardsWith their new apartment house, the two brothers are transferring the urban recipe for success of Micro living into rural areas and, as operator and project developer, are also establishing a new brand: In JopaJoma, high-quality architecture, design-oriented interior design, and a modern way of life merge into a new form of temporary living.

Here, in the scenic area around the Kaiserstuhl and not far from the university town of Freiburg, the target group also includes tourists with an affinity for design who appreciate the JopaJoma offer: Living with reduced footprint, but at a high level. All seven of the one and two-room apartments – with sizes between 20 and 50 square metres – have a patio or balcony, are efficiently designed, comfortable with high-quality materials, yet robustly designed and, above all, extremely functional. This is ensured by well thought-out details that cleverly enable more life per square metre. Two apartments on the first floor (Marie and Johanna) can also be used as a 70 square metre linked apartment with three bedrooms.

JopaJoma – a project at the interface between residential building and hotel – should also be interesting for investors from the hospitality sector. The brothers therefore also see JopaJoma as a prototype and “showroom” for a holistically thought-out new apartment house. The Schmidt architects would be happy to take care of the further development.

“More life per square metre”: A Häfele speciality​​​​​​​
“More life per square metre” has now become a classic Häfele theme. The globally operating specialist for hardware technology, electronic access control systems, and LED light has long been dedicated to basic planning and the development of clever room concepts – including sophisticated functionality solutions – together with renowned architectural offices and designers. For example, after the “Functionality Cube”, the multi-functional interior concept for Werner Aisslinger’s LoftCube, and the multi-award-winning trend project “Youth Lab”, back in 2017, Häfele presented the innovatively thought-out “MicroApart 20/30”. “SKAIO” followed as part of the Federal Horticultural Show 2019 in Heilbronn and became a highly regarded project and, at the time, the first wooden high-rise in Germany, where Häfele was able to show how future-oriented and clever “Micro living” can be. 


From the concept down to the smallest detail
“As an interdisciplinary architect and a versatile planning company with several business areas, we have known Häfele for many years and regularly draw from the large product range for our projects – especially in our hospitality projects,” reports Christoph Schmidt. With the apartment house in Kenzingen, however, the cooperation was particularly deep, as Häfele also acted as a brand strategist from the start, analysed the communicative environment of the JopaJoma product, and finally identified creative and functional unique selling points that were incorporated into the project planning. 
As a holistic consulting and planning partner, the hardware specialist supported the project from the preliminary calculation, the architectural implementation and marketing to reliable follow-up support during ongoing operations. “We created the design for the building and, from then on, we used the entire ‘Häfele Channel’ for the implementation,” Christoph Schmidt continues. “The diverse expertise of the employees from the most varied areas was very valuable. Häfele understands what is important not only for apartment house operators, but also for architects.”

This includes the fact, for example, that a reasonable apartment house must be of high quality and robustly cope with the number of rapidly changing guests unscathed. It has to fit the target group with its offer and still stay within the budget. Udo Jungebloed, Head of Sales and Domestic Projects at Häfele and project manager at JopaJoma explains how Häfele proceeds as an experienced all-rounder: “An extensive workshop right at the beginning of our consulting work ensures a successful start in each of our projects. We analyse the desires and possibilities of our customers and focus strictly on the needs of the target group as well as the budget. In regular planning meetings with all relevant parties involved, we achieve all-round successful results.”

Own and third-party products in perfect interaction
As an international company, Häfele benefits greatly from its global expertise. Information from the world market flows directly into new national ideas as creative impulses. The interdisciplinary team of in-house specialists takes care of all relevant areas of interior planning and technical building equipment. For example, the planners at the Nimbus subsidiary are responsible for integrative lighting concepts, while the experts at Rosso are responsible for efficient room acoustics.


“In the Häfele product world, we simply found everything that makes sense for JopaJoma,” says Schmidt. “Since the company is both a supplier of in-house and external products and at the same time a competent Micro living specialist planner who works with well-known partner companies, you can be sure that all components fit together and function properly.” For example, the digital Häfele access control system, Dialock, in JopaJoma Dialock communicates with the hotel management software by protel as well as with the intelligent room control by the manufacturer, Gira. The kitchens in the apartments are also harmoniously designed: While the high-quality decorative finishes of the furniture panels by FunderMax are responsible for the visual aesthetics of the built-in components, innovative Häfele hardware solutions ensure appropriate functionality inside.​​​​​​​

Loox light in furniture sets accents and in turn corresponds with the futuristic ceiling lights of the “Q Four” family and the “Squeeze” pendant lights by Nimbus, which attract everyone’s attention in the living room. The modern and space-saving kitchen equipment – including dishwasher and cooker – was realised together with WMF, even including the selection of cutlery. Many Häfele accessories were used in the bathrooms as well – above all the multi-functional bathroom mirror from the “Aquasys” own house assortment.

And because convenience doesn't just begin in the apartments, but rather at the front door, Häfele system doors were chosen here: They come from our own development and were manufactured for JopaJoma by the door manufacturer, Prüm. Here, too, with FunderMax finishes – this time in neutral white. In combination with the Dialock identification and access control system, the maintenance-friendly doors achieve a significant reduction in operating costs while at the same time increasing convenience and security for both, guests and the operator. “It is the sum of many small details that makes a big, functioning whole,” says Christoph Schmidt in conclusion. The JopaJoma apartment house is an excellent model project for that. 

Data table


Schmidt Architekten, Kenzingen

Interior architecture

Schmidt Architekten, Kenzingen

Operator / user

Christoph and Stephan Schmidt, Kenzingen

Investor / builder

Christoph and Stephan Schmidt, Kenzingen

Interior designersSchreinerei Kindle, Lahr


7 one and two-room apartments (20-50 sqm),
one linked apartment (70 sqm)





Project address

Breslauer Straße 1 | 79341 Kenzingen


> Dialock identification and access control system from Häfele.
> Häfele hotel room door with Prüm.
> Architectural hardware from Häfele.
> Aquasys multi-functional bathroom mirror (Häfele).
> Bathroom accessories from Häfele.
> Häfele LED light systems: Nimbus room light Loox light in furniture.     
> Electrical devices and fittings for the kitchenettes from Häfele.  
> Furniture fittings from Häfele.
> Mattresses and slatted frames from Häfele.
> Häfele safes.
> Smart building control by Gira.
> Furniture panels and door finishes by Fundermax.
> WMF kitchen equipment through Häfele.
> Hotel management software from protel.

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