Packaging – according to the customer's specifications

We design and implement customer-specific bag and box packaging. Optimal customer solutions result from a clever combination of automatic and manual processes – virtually any unit quantity, composition and shape are possible.

14 highly advanced packaging systems work three shifts per day in our 3,000 square metre production facility. They produce almost any kind of bag and box packaging that is required and processed in the industry reliably, quickly and cost-effectively.

    Häfele packaging systems in Nagold

    Your benefits:

    • Development of individual packaging concepts
    • Manual and machine processing of individual items
    • Integrated quality control ensures fault-free packaging contents and minimizes the complaint rate.
    • Every order goes to for delivery on time.
    • Wide range of services: fittings bags, “Bag in bag” packaging, “Bag in box” packaging, box packaging
    • Special packaging: zone packaging, shrink wrap, bubble wrap


    Häfele bag packaging

    Own bag production for additional customer proximity

    In this way, we took the fitting world into the bag and took ourselves closer to the customer.

    Bag production at Häfele