Häfele innovations at the Sicam in Pordenone

Experience the award winners live

This year and last year, Häfele has won numerous awards for new products and thus underlined its tremendous innovative strength. The specialist for hardware technology, electronic access control systems and LED light is exhibiting these product highlights and many other pioneering innovations at the Sicam, which is taking place from 12th - 15th October in Pordenone in northern Italy. Here is a small preview, which should give you a taste for more.

Häfele’s “Sicam” motto could be “Approachable award winners”. For example, the innovative linear lens for focussed light in furniture construction won the “interzum award 2021”, and was even crowned the “Best of the Best”.

Working glare-free with concentrated light

The linear lens is a solution developed jointly with the specialists at the Bartenbach light institute in Innsbruck for completely glare-free, targeted light scattering over work surfaces. With this innovation, kitchen work surfaces, for example, can be illuminated perfectly and homogeneously with LED strip lights without annoying glare. The Häfele linear lens focusses the light from an LED strip light and thus doubles the illuminance in the desired focus area. At the same time, the glare effect is reduced by 85 percent. 

The innovation is a valuable addition to the Häfele Loox 5 lighting system, as it can be used at the same time for light focusing for various high-quality Loox LED strip lights. It is controlled either via the Loox switch range or with the smartphone app via the Häfele Connect system with BLE Mesh technology.



Working from home in an optimum way with the Häfele JobTisch

The innovative Häfele JobTisch is another “interzum award 2021” winner. It won the “High Product Quality” award for this harmonious connection between office and home. With the JobTisch, working at home can be optimally designed because it fits into almost any living environment, even if there is only little space available.

The basic configuration includes power connections, an undermount drawer and a magnetic rear wall. The JobTisch is delivered fully assembled. Simply set it up, connect Plug & Play, and the new home office workstation is ready to go. 

Switching between sitting and standing is easy and ergonomic with this desk thanks to its electrical height adjustment. Healthy working is guaranteed.

The dimmable “Roxxane” table light for perfect work light is an optimum addition. It can also be added to the preconfigured tabletop at a later date.



Integral light/acoustics solution with Lighting Pad Lounge

Häfele and its Nimbus subsidiary are introducing an elegant, integral light/acoustics solution in the form of the “Lighting Pad Lounge”. It enriches sophisticated interiors with fine woods and can now also be smartly controlled via an app. 

This where light and acoustics come together into an emotional, cosy and smart way. After receiving the international design award in Baden-Württemberg, “Focus Open Silver”, last year, this combination now also convinced the jury of the interzum award 2021.

The Lighting Pad Lounge creates a pleasant, acoustic environment and emits brilliant, warm light. Since the high-performance LED light sources are integrated almost invisibly into the acoustic fleece on the underside of the light, it creates an amazing, magical column of light.

Apostrophised as “acoustic light”, this innovative product kills two birds with one stone, because here, two product worlds merge, so to speak. This opens up completely new design options and areas of application to planners and interior designers.

The smart hybrid consisting of a light and an acoustic panel can be controlled using a sensor and a smartphone app. 

As an optional function, the innovation can also be continuously moved up or down manually on delicate steep ropes and controlled intuitively via a gesture sensor. Operation via remote control is accomplished via Bluetooth with the smart Häfele Connect Mesh app. 

The Lighting Pad Lounge is dimmable and has a variable colour temperature from 2700 to 4000 Kelvin. With a direct light component of 1700 lm and an indirect light component of up to 1800 lm, there are an infinite number of settings for an individually suitable light atmosphere.  

Further information about the current new products can be found at: www.haefele.de


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