LED strip light with PUR encapsulation, LED 1160 24 V 4-pin (RGB), 120 LEDs/m, 28.8 W/m, IP67

120 LEDs/m, 28.8 W/m, IP67

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LED strip light with PUR encapsulation, LED 1160 24 V 4-pin (RGB), 120 LEDs/m, 28.8 W/m, IP67

120 LEDs/m, 28.8 W/m, IP67

  • see key

    X = length of integrated cable connection, 27.5 mm
    Y = safety clearance, 10 mm recommended
    C = cut length, 50 mm

    Total length = multiple of the cut length C + X + Y

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Product details

Polyurethane encapsulation (IP67) for the most severe mechanical and climatic stress

Light colour


Nominal voltage

24,00 V


28,80 W

Luminous flux/m

606 lm

Luminous efficacy

21 lm/W

Max. strip length (visual)

5,00 m



Area of application

Bathroom (zone 1), Sauna (zone 1), Stairs with steps, Covered outdoor areas


PUR encapsulation, load-resistant





Strip height

15,00 mm

Section length

50,00 mm

Number of LEDs/m


Life time

L70 = 36,000 h

Routing width

15,70 mm

Routing depth

15,50 mm

Degree of protection



For clipping into retaining clip, For recess mounting in milled groove

Installation reference

Cut LED strip light to size:
The total illuminated length of the LED strip light is always a multiple of C + cable connection X + safety distance Y. The Y area does not illuminate (if strip section C is cut into, it no longer illuminates). However, the PUR encapsulation ensures that there is a soft transition of light into the non-illuminated area.

1. Calculate strip length
2. Cut at Y with a generous safety allowance
3. Connect LED strip light and mark the last illuminated section C on the illuminated LED strip light.
4. Unplug strip light.
5. The safety allowance can be minimised by approximation if required. Always unplug the LED strip light when cutting!
6. Close off the open strip section with a suitable silicone sealant

Cable length

350,00 mm

Area of application

Emotional accents on the treads of stairs, in saunas, bathrooms (zone 1) and covered outdoor areas

Order reference

Please order lead separately. Colour control via Häfele Connect Mesh 6-way distributor with RGB adapter and remote control or smartphone. Please order separately. Installation of the free Häfele Connect Mesh app is required.

Supplied with

1 LED strip light with 2 x 0.35 m lead (1 each on the left/right of the strip)

Additional information attributes

The following applies to bio saunas and steam baths: Tested and approved ambient temperature of up to 70 °C with 36,000 hour life time and degree of protection IP67.
Please note the IP degree of protection of the driver! Only install drivers and leads in permissible zones.
Maximum strip length (visual) describes a strip section with a visually imperceptible drop in luminous flux of max. 30%.
Please note: A strip section with a new power supply that follows immediately is noticeably brighter. Maximum wattage-dependent strip length on the driver, see technical data for LED strip lights.

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