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Convertible wall unit: a home for the home office

The living room should really be known as lebensraum. This is where you read, discuss, watch TV, listen to music and celebrate – but sometimes work is unavoidable. But who wants to be constantly reminded of the outstanding tax declaration or overdue e-mails when you look at the computer? A PC workplace that stays discreetly in the background would be much more relaxing.

The home office is concealed in the wall unit

The clever specialists from Häfele have now provided the proof that living and working can also live in harmony in the living room. For this purpose they have developed a convertible wall unit which contains a well-organised home office.

A manual operation suffices to slide the doors of the wall unit to the side. The PC workplace is waiting to be used behind it. The pleasant background lighting protects the eyes when working at the screen. Once the last e-mail has been sent, the pull-out with the computer keyboard and the mouse disappears in the cabinet, therefore saving space. Now quickly close the sliding doors, and conversion of the workplace back into tidy living room shelving is perfect. The fitting and the handle have been glued to the elegant sliding doors made from satin-frosted glass, meaning that drill holes are not required.

The work room is concealed in the wall unit.

The work room is concealed in the wall unit.

Books are shown in a charming light

There is room for books on shelves and in drawers on the left and right next to the sliding elements. Plinth lights provide an enlightening overview of the literature. Additional LED strip lights set atmospheric emphasis. By the way, in this room the motto at the cost TV evening is: sit wherever you like! The TV is fitted to the wall unit. Thanks to the swivelling arm, the screen can be conveniently moved to the required angle or swivelled away completely to the side if you wish.

Be it living or working – everything finds its relaxed place in this living room.  

LED strip lights create atmospheric light emphasis.

LED strip lights create atmospheric light emphasis.