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Room acoustics - new opportunities 

Good room acoustics not only serve the well-being, but also increase the ability to concentrate and perform. For this reason, sound-reducing measures are of growing relevance, especially in office buildings, in the catering trade, in the hotel industry, in schools and so on.

The Häfele Rossoacoustic® brand opens up new possibilities for the trade. Find out more and open up new areas of business with a professional room acoustics concept. Your Häfele contact person will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


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Designing rooms for all the senses

Rossoacoustic® products are suitable as a modular system for a wide variety of applications and are based on a few basic elements that can be combined - depending on spatial requirements and acoustic tasks. Reverberation time is an excellent tool for a solid assessment of the current room acoustics.

Without room acoustic measures, many rooms have too long reverberation times. With suitable sound absorbers, these reverberation times can be effectively shortened. Rossoacoustic® offers these highly functional room acoustic solutions for flexible room design.

With the help of the acoustic configurator, you can determine the acoustic requirements of your project and plan the appropriate acoustic solution for it. 



The highlights of the Rossoacoustic® product world


Haefele Rossoacoustic Lighting-Pad


The Lighting Pad

The sound-absorbing acoustic luminaire serves as a light source and sound absorber at the same time. High-performance LEDs, which enable a very high light output, are integrated into the absorbent fleece surface of the pad.

Haefele Rossoacoustic Absorber


The Pad System

With the ceiling and wall absorbers of the filigree and flexible Rossoacoustic PAD product family, it is easy to respond individually to the complexity of spatial and acoustic specifications.

Rossoacoustic Raumgliederung


The room partitioning systems

The TP30 Silence and CP30 room partitioning systems are used for spatial structuring and zoning as well as acoustic absorption. Both systems have a sound-absorbing and sound-shielding effect. They are available in textile or transparent/translucent material versions.

Rossoacoustic Akustikfolie


The Screen acoustic foil

The acoustic film has a sound-absorbing effect, reduces reverberation times in rooms and increases speech intelligibility. Screen is available as translucent film, clear film or in textile material design.


If you have any questions about Rossoacoustic® acoustic solutions, your Häfele contact will be happy to help.

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