FAQ – Search for items

Why is there a new navigation structure in the product area?

During the development of the newly published website, we took the opportunity to show our products in a clearer structure. You can find the items that you require quickly and conveniently using the new navigation structure. We make general, and therefore simple, access to the comprehensive Häfele product range possible, and make it easier to use the filtering functions.

See for yourself and browse through our online catalogue.

How do I find the items that I require?

The Häfele online shop provides you with two ways of finding the items that you require:

  • Use the “Products” main menu item and navigate to the required product category. Here, you can use additional filter criteria in order to narrow down the items  that are displayed. You can also navigate to other results pages using the scroll function at the end of the page in order to find the item that you require.
  • Use our keyword search and enter the required item number, or alternatively search a product name, product type, brand or the like. We will then show you all of the items and available information that were found as a result of your search. The first search and product suggestions are shown even while you are entering the information. After the search has been carried out, you can also narrow down the displayed search results using the menu structure on the left sidebar and use the filtering criteria on the relevant product category pages.

With the aid of these two methods, we make it possible for you to gain individual access to the right product for your requirements.

How do I narrow down my search results?

Intelligent filters give you individual access to the right product for your requirements. 

First navigate to the required product category. On the relevant page you can narrow down your search using the filtering entries on the left-hand edge of the page. The filter entries vary depending on the selected product category, and are adapted to the respective product area. The search filter automatically updates the results after you have selected your features. You can refine your search by combining multiple criteria.

How can I cancel my selected search filters?

You can deactivate a selected filter using the “Deselect” button. If multiple filter criteria have been selected and you would like to de-select them all, you can use the ”Deselect all” button.

Can I still access the digital eCatalogue?

You can still access the well-tried Häfele eCatalogue in the usual way. The online catalogues are identical to the printed examples, with the advantage that changes that occur are updated at regular intervals , and new products are added.

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