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The wardrobe: a tidy start to the day

Nipping to the post office, a quick walk with the dog, setting off for the doctor’s appointment on time – anyone who wants to get out of the door swiftly doesn't want to spend a long time getting dressed. A cleverly designed and well-lit wardrobe becomes the friend of everyone who has no time to waste in the entrance area.

The Häfele specialists would also rather find than search. They therefore designed a wardrobe which always provides you with a tidy start and a well-organised arrival.

The shoe cabinet has the right twist

The shoe cabinet has the right twist

Padded drawer as a seat

Large and bulky items such as roller skates, helmets and tennis racquets are stored in a floor-level drawer which can be pulled out of the cabinet and opened up. It reveals its contents at glance thanks to the good lighting. But this drawer has much more to offer than lots of storage space. It provides a place to sit due to having a heavy-duty runner. You can sit on the padded lid in comfort whilst putting your shoes on.

Shoes also get the right twist: a pull-out provides plenty of room. It can swivel out and turn completely around its own axis with ease. Every pair of shoes is easy to reach. 

The spacious drawer is also a convenient seat

The spacious drawer is also a convenient seat

The revolving mirror is always in the correct position

You can put your gloves, hats and scarves away in large drawers. The compartments higher up can be used for storing suitcases and sports bags. Dog leads, caps and lanyards find their place on pull out holders. There is also a mirror on the side panel waiting to be used. It is withdrawn with a single pull and swivelled to the required position.

Good lighting provides orientation 

And since true order can only be seen when there is light, the lighting has not been neglected in this wardrobe. Allowing you to make accurate selections and ensuring that nothing stands in the way of a quick start to the day.  

The revolving mirror provides a pleasant view

The revolving mirror provides a pleasant view