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Häfele Services: Reach your goal faster, more efficiently, and more successfully

Today, a complete package of product and service competence is the deciding factor for the performance and success of a company and its business partners. In addition to a wide range of products and logistics expertise that is unrivalled anywhere in the world, Häfele has therefore continuously developed and expanded its services. This is what the international hardware technology specialists call “passionately customer-focused”. These services are comprehensive and holistic and they make life easier for Häfele customers, saving money and improving quality.

The holistic service concept is firmly anchored in the corporate philosophy of the hardware technology specialist and has become a central element of the Häfele brand. At the hybrid trade fair event “Häfele Discoveries”, which begins together with interzum @home and can be visited at any time beyond, Häfele’s service competence is reflected in a separate theme world under the central message, “WE CARE”. There you will find an overview of the world of services that make Häfele customers’ work easier every day across the entire value chain.

Inspiration and knowledge: Häfele Academy 
This includes the Häfele Academy, which has already successfully opened its doors in various markets and provides inspiration and knowledge through intensive, modular training units.

When it comes to light, for example, it shows how quickly and easily lighting solutions can be planned and installed with the Loox LED lighting system by Häfele. An important instrument for creative inspiration for the furniture maker remains “The Complete Häfele”, which has been providing new impulses to the woodworking industry as a reliable reference work for decades – always at the cutting edge of technology. It is available in print, 24/7 on the Internet, or as an app.

Improve sales with marketing aids
The closer ideas and designs correspond to reality, the easier they can be sold. That is why Häfele not only provides intensive marketing support (e.g., with brochures or mock-ups), but also powerful digital tools for realistic planning and development in real time. Presenting it to customers is a real pleasure and also highly promising. The motto here is to inspire and win people over with a wow effect.
With the DressCode configuration tool, which is also available as an Augmented Reality app, this can be done in next to no time. End customers can have their furniture realistically placed in their own four walls before the interior designer has done anything. It doesn’t get any better than this pocket-sized showroom.

Planning and construction with CAD and CAM data
With around 29,700 CAD data and 9,000 CAM data from Häfele, sophisticated hardware technology can be easily and quickly integrated into the digital work process – from planning to production.
With this and a wide range of advisor tools and configuration tools, planning and construction is done easily, reliably, and quickly. Individual customer requests are implemented quickly and precisely.

Custom-made products
What you don’t have to build or assemble yourself saves time. Häfele helps save time and money with a tailor-made, diverse range of pre-configured components. Most of them can be put together individually from a batch size of one according to customer specifications.
The range of services extends from tailor-made finished products, such as drawers that can be inserted directly into furniture or furnishings, to individually tailored products, such as preconfigured LED strip lights, and the special procurement of individual items.

The finest logistics – overnight delivery, too, if desired
At Häfele, a perfectly organized logistics team works “invisibly” in the background with the help of the latest technology so that the goods ordered arrive safely and via the fastest route. Often just-in-time directly to the construction site.

If processes at the customer’s end are tightly timed, different processes need to mesh, and spontaneous flexibility without friction losses is expected afterwards, then you are in good hands with the logistics service providers at Häfele. They ensure that all orders end up in the right place at the right time, complete and without damage or incorrect delivery ... and this can sometimes even happen overnight.

Personal advice – the Häfele core competency
An open ear for anyone and personal, competent and solution-oriented specialist advice on site, on the phone, or via chat, that is Häfele’s core competency. Intensive listening is an important element of daily work.

The Häfele customer advisors are real experts who understand technical, market, and industry-specific issues and are always able to provide important impulses with their extensive expertise. Häfele invests a lot of time in maintaining and expanding existing relationships and is continuously developing its advisory skills. In this way, Häfele remains a reliable contact at all times with a personal connection to its partners in a world that is changing ever faster and that is becoming increasingly complex.

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