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Slido Room – Accents in Motion


Space is a luxury product. Using it properly is a challenge. Slido Room makes more of your home: More living space, more storage space, more individuality, and more functionality. Slido Room structures and partitions rooms. It partitions areas from each other without permanently separating them, creates quiet zones and provides order. With well thought-out technology and a wide range of design and application options, every room becomes a multi-talent.



Slido Room – The product families at a glance

Slido R (for rooms) is the sliding door fitting range for room solutions. Combined with the type of opening, the name reveals the assignment to the hardware solution. 



All of the Slido sliding solutions for room concepts at a glance


Slido R-Aluflex: Room partitioning in a line.


Slido R-Aluflex: Designing the more

Slido R-Aluflex offers the right solution for every application. For walk-in closets or storage space under stairs and in sloping ceilings or knee walls – this is where the system shows how adaptable it is. As a room divider, Slido R-Aluflex creates separate areas and ensures a better quality of life in newly created zones. Rooms become flexible and yet retain their lightness and spaciousness.

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Slido R-Aluflex 80A configuration

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Slido from Häfele provides technically sophisticated sliding solutions for all living and business areas. Be it interior doors, partition wall systems, room solutions or furniture doors – Slido is suitable for every conceivable application, and sets your design ideas in motion.

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