Challenge 2: Functionality

A glass door that does not get in the way in small rooms.

Rising door hinge in the ibis hotel

The Häfele solution

A fitting that mechanically closes a glass door automatically. This prevents the door from getting in the way in small rooms.

  • Ideal for bathroom doors in small hotel rooms, for example.
  • Low costs.
  • No maintenance.
  • No negative effect on the design.


Accor all-glass door with fittings: DIN left & DIN right

Fittings: Anodized stainless steel with worm thread.
Glass door: Matt, satin finish or clear glass.

Area of application:
Hotels and small apartments.

Rising door hinge

Rising door hinge

Sectional drawing of fitting

Sectional drawing of fitting
Hotel ibis and ibis Budget, Hamburg Example

Hotel ibis and ibis Budget, Hamburg

MPP Meding Plan + Projekt GmbH, D-Hamburg
Accor Hotellerie Deutschland GmbH, D-Munich

HIH Hamburgische Immobilen Handlung GmbH, D-Hamburg

252 (ibis) and 196 (ibis Budget)


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