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A table system for life: this desk simply grows with you.

With children you often have the feeling that they grow overnight. Yesterday the shoes still fitted, now they need new ones. It’s a similar situation in the children’s room. The place that was only for playing in is now needed for doing homework, and the first computer is only a matter of time.

Anyone who would rather spend time with their children than search for furniture to suit their ages, will love what the hardware specialists at Häfele have done. The experts for clever living ideas have developed a table that simply grows with you.

At the push of a button, an electric motor changes the height of the table

The basis of the table is a robust steel frame which is stable and resilient. Pushing a button starts the integrated electric motor, which changes the height by up to 68 cm. The table can therefore effortlessly switch roles between playground, work area and standing desk. The motor shows its strength with its load-bearing capacity of 120 kilograms.

The height can be optimally adjusted at the push of a button.

The height can be optimally adjusted at the push of a button.

Always in fashion with replaceable furniture elements

Replaceable table tops, screens, handles, castors and panelling in a wide range of different colours and materials ensure that this furniture is always in fashion. For example, the table top can be changed with just a few manual operations. The colourful starter model with child-friendly rounded corners changes over the course of the years into versions which are more to the liking of teenagers and young adults. The accompanying pedestal also keeps up with changing preferences, since it can be re-designed time and time again with different decors.

And once the former children’s room has finally been taken over by computers, mobile phones etc., there is a cable outlet in the table top. It clears the way for the cables in a cable duct made from plastic elements, which leads all of the cables to the floor with good protection. The PC screen is mounted on an Ellipta swivel arm so that it can be conveniently swivelled in and out of the field of view.

The table system therefore becomes a loyal companion over many years, and is ideally suited for every new phase of life.