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Wardrobe: organisation is always in season

Anyone who is into fashion can express their inclination with a comprehensive selection of clothing. However, if the domestic wardrobe does not provide sufficient storage space and illuminated overview, you soon lose your perspective of the latest trends. 

The Häfele experts also have a firm grasp of contemporary style. They created a wardrobe that was all but made to measure for trendsetters who would like to know that their clothes are in the best of order.

Sliding doors open synchronously

Even opening the splendid cabinet is extremely convenient: the smooth-running sliding doors are controlled synchronously. If one door is opened, the other opens too. The electric motor can do more. After two minutes it closes the cabinet automatically. If anything gets in the way of the doors such as a pulled-out drawer, the safety shut-off is activated and stops the movement immediately. This means that nothing can be damaged and no-one can be injured.

Automatically closing sliding doors

The sliding doors close automatically.

All areas well illuminated

The interior of the cabinet is well-organised. In the middle segment, a long clothes rail provides plenty of room for everything that needs to be hung up. The area below it is optimally utilised with pull-out wire baskets and trouser holders. Make the right selection is assisted by plenty of light. All of the pigeon holes and compartments are equipped with spotlights or strip lights

All areas well illuminated

Plenty of light provides a clear overview.

Room for more than 50 pairs of shoes

Anyone who appreciates shoes just as much as nice clothes will be over the moon when they see the right-hand side of the cabinet. A carousel fitting utilises the entire height of the cabinet and provides accommodation for more than 50 pairs of shoes. The pull-out can be conveniently rotated and swivelled so that the entire collection of shoes is easy to access at all times.

The view on the left-hand side of the cabinet is also exquisite. The ties are lined up on an extending holder. A pull-out swivelling mirror follows to the required position. The wardrobe therefore provides the best of views and keeps pace with any fashion.

Show pull-out reveals its storage space qualities.

Show pull-out reveals its storage space qualities.