Black Forest Experience – Flagship Store



Häfele impresses its retail customers with comprehensive experience and a wide variety of products. Experience the impressive interaction of the Dialock electronic access control system and the Loox LED light product range, which are both skilfully combined with room lighting and acoustic solutions from Nimbus. Furniture handles, pull outs and construction fittings round off the store offer of the international hardware specialist from the Black Forest. Discover all the most relevant systems and products during a tour of the Black Forest Experience Store.


Tour of the store​​​​​​​

Shop window & entrance

The first impression counts. Capture glances in store windows and entryways with attractive lighting solutions that show your product in the right light and illuminate its accents. Or rest assured with a convenient and secure electronic access solution to protect your attractive product range.

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Display cabinet

Product presentation as an experience. Perfectly arranged and illuminated products are fascinating and spark the viewer's interest in looking more closely and purchasing them. Display cabinets with the electronic Dialock access control system offer quick and easy unlocking and removal of the desired product. In addition, Dialock can activate different light staging to bring the product into better focus. Opening solutions include both handle-free operation as well as attractive handles and interactive haptics.

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Highlight wall & special platforms

Attractively designed and perfectly illuminated product and presentation islands invite customers to examine the object of their desire. Enthralling visualizations followed by flexible and changing staging, along with generously-sized storage areas, lead customers deep into the store. Mobile furniture makes it possible to change the design of the store's central zone, such as by transforming it into a catwalk or dancefloor for events.

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Lounge & Consultation

We respect your privacy and want to inspire your creativity. That’s why we offer an aesthetically-pleasing lounge and consulting stations that are as attractive as they are functional to accommodate special requests, discrete conversations or short breaks. Enjoy dialogue with your personal sales consultant.

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Changing room and storage

Is the clothing item the right size? How’s the fit – how do I look in it? Generously-sized changing rooms with excellent lighting and proper privacy safeguards are indispensable for an undisturbed fitting experience. This is where the decision is made. In addition, multifunctional storage space in the warehouse is important in order to quickly and safely reach the goods desired by the customer.For special requests, discreet conversations or a short break in between, a visually appealing lounge and attractive as well as functional advisor stations offer various platforms for dialogue with your personal shopping advisor.

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Cash box

The checkout is where the product changes hands. The last impression remains with the customer, so exercising the proper care and service-oriented conduct is crucial for customer loyalty. Moreover, in-store activities can be expanded by integrating online offers: research online in-store before purchase, order online or offline – pick up in-store with cashless payment at checkout. The right solution for every type of customer.

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Back Office & Stairwell

Whether customers, employees, or suppliers. Sliding door fittings solutions harmonised with the store's visual design are perfect for providing access to administrative functions in the back office. With individual security, access control systems and light and acoustics solutions. Access and supply areas are essential to conveniently and reliably access sales areas – or quickly arrive at products and ensure smooth delivery of new goods. Access systems with lift control, fittings, illumination and multi-functional storage areas are the focus here.

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