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Project information

  • Project idea: Häfele GmbH & Co KG, Nagold.
  • Architecture / interior architecture: Dr. Krista Blassy, PAB Architekten, Munich / Erfurt.
  • Investor/operator: Carsten Fischer, Sonntag KG, Münster.
  • Size: Modular, scalable from 20–30 m².
  • Implementation: Adrian Eichhorn Holzwerkstätte, Wächtersbach; Deutsche Fertigbäder, Büren; Pfeiffer GmbH & Co. KG, Asslar; Häfele GmbH & Co KG, Nagold.
  • Year: 2017.

Equipment and accessories

  • Multi-dimensional mirror.
  • Bathroom function column.
  • Walk-in closet.
  • Sofa bed.
  • Sideboard with table function.
  • Modular kitchen.
  • "Urban Tool Box" multi-function channel.

Systems & Products

  • Dialock electronic access control system.
  • Loox Light in furniture.
  • Slido Sliding solutions.
  • Startec Architectural hardware.
  • "The pergola door" door system.
  • Functional furniture solutions.
  • Project fittings and accessories from a single source.

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MicroApart 20/30 – The modular, scalable micro-apartment from 20 m².

Less is more – and that includes the living space

More and more people are living alone and moving into the cities. However, living space is scarce and expensive in congested urban areas. The answer is: micro-apartments. Equipped with multi-functional solutions by Häfele they offer every comfort for everyday life. Individually scalable, it allows for the development of living concepts for the elderly, innovative housing for students, and multi-functional flats for commuters, short-term employees or so-called professional nomads.

Shaping the future of building: After the multi-functional interior concept for Werner Aisslinger's LoftCube and the award-winning trend project "Youth Lab", Häfele presented the modular, flexible and multi-functional "MicroApart 20/30" apartment as another innovative solution for the social and architectural challenges of our time: Shortage and increased costs of housing.

Based on a grid zone system, any apartment size, equipment level and duration of residence can be individually scaled. The suffix “20/30” refers directly to this scalability, which can be between 20 and 30 square metres depending on requirements. With a minimal apartment size starting at just less than 20 square metres, the modular concept does not just react to the needs and wishes of future residents, it impresses with its harmonious design, functional content and stable costs. And it can be implemented just as easily in new buildings as existing buildings.

Grid zone system in the MicroApart 20/30

The six zones of the micro-apartment can be individually scaled depending on the apartment size, equipment level and duration of residence: 1 Entrance. 2 Bathroom. 3 Storage space. 4 Living/Sleeping 5 Eating/Working 6 Cooking.

Individual, creative and modular: Six room zones for living quality

“MicroApart 20/30” consists of six room zones: Entrance, bathroom, storage space, living/sleeping, eating/working and cooking. The walk-in wardrobes, sofa beds, sideboards with table function, the modular kitchen and the bath with bathroom function column and convenient heated bathroom mirrors that are integrated in the concept make use of innovative fitting solutions and products from Häfele, and show their tremendous versatility in many different ways. Depending on their categorisation into Economy, Business or Luxury class, the six room zones vary in size, furnishings and fittings, but also in terms of their arrangement within the layout of “MicroApart 20/30”. In this way, the entrance can be arranged in the centre and the bathroom and the toilet separated, for example, and/or the access to the apartment can be off-centre in favour of having a bigger bathroom solution and more intimacy in the living area at the back. The former takes cultural environments into consideration in which the bathroom and the toilet must be in separate rooms, for example.

Micro Apart bathroom

In the middle of the MicroApart 20/30 bathroom there is the “bathroom function column”, an extremely compact solution for storage space and functional access from the toilet, shower and washbasin area.

Efficient and cost-effective, the “Urban Tool Box” for the hotel

With the “Urban Tool Box”, Häfele has developed a multi-functional, linear and electrified wall element that can be used in a cost-effective way in the planning of new micro-apartments and during renovation, as well as in the design of hotel rooms. It contains invisible cable routing, a Loox LED strip light on the underside for atmospheric room lighting, and installation facilities for (USB) sockets, QI chargers and other Loox elements such as a flexible gooseneck light.

Dialock – secure access and the basis for additional living comfort

Dialock, the electronic access control system from Häfele, is both smart and digital in “MicroApart 20/30”: The smartphone acts as the room key and communicates with the interface integrated in the Dialock door terminal. Conventional keys are therefore not required. The room management is also integrated in the system. The residents of “MicroApart 20/30” benefit from welcome and exit scenarios which control the room climate, the lighting and the curtain settings, for example. Thanks to a partnership with Interel, a specialist provider of online hotel room management systems, hoteliers can reduce capital and operating costs, enhance guest comfort and maximise security.

Symbol for performance capability in the project

“MicroApart 20/30” symbolises the performance capability of Häfele in the project on a scale of 1:1: Current topics and content and numerous innovative products can be experienced on the example of this intelligent room wonder. Heated and illuminated bathroom mirrors with sound, flexible storage space in different sizes and versions, digital interfaces for room management, “All-in-one complete solutions” for doors – all of this provides convenience and future-proofing and is a part of the comprehensive planning and advisory competence of Häfele.

MicroApart modular living room

Multi-functionality in the MicroApart 20/30: In the living area, the sideboard turns into a space-saving working or eating spot or additional work surface in the kitchen.