At the end of 2012, a reference project was inaugurated that is unmatched in terms of the number of Häfele fittings with which it is equipped at Häfele's headquarters in Nagold in the Black Forest in the form of the Hotel ibis Styles. It is therefore a perfect example of how to demonstrate the company's product diversity and range of services, not just in the architectural hardware area. Let yourself be inspired.

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Hotel ibis Styles Nagold-Black Forest: convenient multifunctionality.

Hotel ibis Styles Nagold-Black Forest

  • Location: Nagold.
  • Owner: Grundstücksgemeinschaft Häfele Thierer, Ulrich Häfele.
  • Architecture: Schwille Architekten, Reutlingen.
  • Operator: Success Hotel Management, Stuttgart.
  • Requirements: Furniture fittings, architectural hardware, electronic access control system, special solutions included.
  • Solutions: Themed rooms, different types of fold-out bed, lowerable televisions, etc.

Multifunctionality is written all over the Hotel ibis Styles in Nagold. This is emphasised in the architecture and continues right down to the room details. The ground floor contains retail space, whereas the upper floors are used as a hotel. This means that not only do the hotel guests benefit from the view, but particularly the pedestrians benefit from the additional attractiveness of the overall public space.

Planned by the Reutlingen-based Ulrich Schwille architect's office, this is a collection of buildings with a difference that has been deliberately accentuated with a raised building cube to mark the entrance into the small structure of the historic old town. A five storey cube rises above a two storey, horizontally structured base. The fully glazed building is divided up by surrounding balconies. Suspended, large-meshed expanded metal plates with a chequerboard pattern create a second building shell, which takes on different transparencies, colour shades and reflections depending in the time of year, the weather, the position of the sun and the viewing angle.

The public rooms in the interior also have an open, light-permeable design: small atriums provide many different perspectives. A room has been omitted on each floor in order to provide interesting views of the town and the landscape – turning the internal service core into a varied, light meeting place.

Even the exterior of the hotel will get you excited.

Even the exterior of the hotel will get you excited.


Even in the rooms, a great deal of emphasis was placed on providing a clear view of the surrounding hilly landscape when the building was being designed. Among other things, excitement is created in the rooms because of the optional position of the bed sculpture, the rear of which opens towards the bathroom so that the guest can enjoy the view of the landscape while relaxing in bed. At roof level, in the wellness area with a panoramic sauna, this view is even uninterrupted at all sides, and is topped off with the view of Hohennagold Castle from the 13th century – urban flair, historic backgrounds and diverse nature therefore fuse together in this location and underline the importance of this hotel for tourism in the region, since the new house is equally suitable for holidaymakers and families as it is for business people: it is not just an ideal starting point for hiking and bike tours, the hotel is conveniently located for meetings with well-known companies such as Rolf Benz, Digel, Duravit and Hansgrohe...

“Wellfit” – the perfect hotel room for the modern businesswoman

“Wellfit” – the perfect hotel room for the modern businesswoman


No wonder, since no less than Häfele GmbH & Co KG is behind the project – the local and leading international company in the area of furniture fittings and architectural hardware and also electronic access control systems. More than 2,000 of the family-run company’s product solutions can be found in the ibis Styles, which do not only make the everyday life of the staff easier, but above all increase the comfort of the guests: each of the 69 innovative comfort rooms provides useful functions and thoughtful details which make your stay in Nagold unique. The Häfele hallmark is plain to see.

Comfort is combined with functionality and design standards thanks to innovative furniture solutions, which are found in every room from standard to special rooms. Hidden flat screen TVs appear in an instant, beds can be be folded out of cabinets in stages, and even a desk can be transformed into a bed with a few manual operations. In this way, rooms are turned into multifunctional oases and can be adapted to suit different requirements.

If business appointments are the reason for staying in Nagold, the “Business Suite” is perfect for maintaining the balance between work and relaxation. The double room can be transformed into a functional conference room in an instant. Once the meeting has successfully finished, the guests can compete in sports and hit a few golf balls: simply swivel the green out of another cabinet, pull it out and then hole out. If more than six people want to meet, bigger groups can also meet in another room in the cafeteria area on the first floor. The room can also can be divided up in accordance with requirements. The floor-to-ceiling, mobile partition wall panels provide pleasant acoustics and create a room that provides seating for up to 18 meeting participants.

The “Wellfit Suite”, on the other hand, is perfectly adapted to the needs of the modern businesswoman: plenty of room in the shoe cupboard, a special vanity area with illuminated mirror and the option of also looking after your fitness. Expanders, dumbbells, exercise bands and a yoga mat can all be found in the wardrobe. For subsequent relaxation you can take a bath or bring out the concealed television with a manually triggered push-to-lift mechanism.

The “Style Suite” on the fifth floor also has its own special features: mobility is required here. In this room, it's not just the television that can be freely moved around the room, the bedside tables can be pulled out of the white-panelled wall, which also conceals the entrance to the walk-in wardrobe. The illuminated clothes rail that can be found here provides guests with more than light for orientation but also provides the quickest possible answer to ”What should I wear today?” thanks to the precise colour reproduction.

Then there is Dialock, the electronic access control system. On the one hand, it is configured to the needs of the guest in the best possible way. As well as the access to the underground car park and the “do not disturb" function in the rooms, the lift control is also equipped with Dialock. This ensures that the guest can only access their room floor, the wellness area, the lobby and the underground car park. On the other hand, Dialock facilitates the work of the staff with the interface to all of the most popular hotel management software. Other back of house requirements have also been integrated in order to ensure that convenience and security are provided. Adjoining rooms such as laundrettes and building service can only be opened by authorised personnel, and the same applies to the offices and personnel rooms, of course.

Because it is not a normal hotel, but one that has something more to offer down to the detailed design, the ibis Styles makes a contribution to the attractiveness of the town Nagold with its 22,000 inhabitants – the gateway to the Black Forest. Because satisfied guests like to return and pass on their positive experiences.

The TV and desk disappear into the wall unit.

The TV and desk disappear into the wall unit.