Challenge 3: Conversion

A flexible partition wall that can be retrofitted.

Sliding glass partition wall system from Häfele

The Häfele solution

A modular sliding glass partition wall with side track system.

  • A ceiling-mounted track system for different leaf element versions (glass, mirrored wooden front panels).
  • 12 different room configurations for 4 - 100 persons.
  • Small parking area.
  • Avoidance of floor openings, supports and handrails.
  • Double-leaf connecting doors.
  • Integration of the additional six tonne ceiling load.


Glass sliding elements for flexible room partitioning:

Mirrored wooden sliding partition wall as parking area panelling:

View of the ceiling of Café Deco

Café Deco ceiling

Flexible room partitioning for: 1. One room, 2. + 3. Two rooms, different partitioning options, 4. Three rooms.

Different room partitioning variants
Café Deco, Hong Kong Example

Café Deco, Hong Kong

Interior architecture:
Qube Architecture and Interiors, CN-Hong Kong
Café Deco Group, CN-Hong Kong

Café Deco Group, CN-Hongkong

2012 (renovation)

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