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The gentleman’s dressing room: no place for long searches

A scavenger hunt can be really entertaining. However, the fun soon stops when you are trying to get dressed for the forthcoming day in the office in the morning. Speed is the essence. The shirt, suit, tie, socks and shoes must match. It’s high time to be in control of your own wardrobe.

Clothes lift and illuminated wardrobe rails provide order

The dressing room which the living experts at Häfele have developed specially for the needs of men will ensure that you have a well-rested start to the day.

The partitioning is organised down to the last detail: business, leisure and sports clothing are each in their own compartment. There is no room for long searches in this space planning. Illuminated wardrobe rails provide additional light for accurate selection of colours and materials.

Thanks to the clothes lift, there is no need for stretching to reach dress shirts at the top of the wardrobe. With a casual movement, the clothes rail tilts downwards and presents the top sections at eye level.

The upper elements are presented at eye level by the clothes lift.

The upper elements are presented at eye level by the clothes lift.

Pull-out carrier for trousers and ties

Of course, trousers and ties are kept in crease-free order in this well thought-out clothing store. The pull-out carriers do not just save space but also provide the best possible overview and convenient access to each item.

Shoes are kept on gratings, where they are well ventilated. Wooden organisers provide charming eye-catchers: flat drawers, boxes with lids and stacking boxes securely look after delicate scarves, accessories and jewellery.

The integrated ironing board can be flipped out for ironing your shirt or trousers. Since the ironing board can be rotated, it can be positioned for both right-handers and left-handers. A pull-out laundry container made from fabric discreetly incorporates itself in the ensemble.

This is where trousers and ties are also kept in crease-free order.

This is where trousers and ties are also kept in crease-free order.

TV swivels out of dressing room

Everything is in the best of order in this gentleman’s dressing room. However, should you happen to arrive at the office late anyway, it may be because of this sophisticated detail. A TV can be swivelled out of the wardrobe with a few manual operations and moved to the required position. The news channels can report on what is happening in the world while you are getting dressed. Being so well informed, it is easy to lose track of time.

Well-informed with the fold-out television.

Well-informed with the fold-out television.