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Slido Furniture – Style in Motion


Creativity has no technical boundaries: this is why Slido Furniture has solutions for every kind of furniture sliding door movement. In order to make selection and processing as simple as possible, our product families offer you the widest possible range of variants for a hardware solution.



Slido Furniture – The product families at a glance:

Slido F (for Furniture) is the range of sliding door fittings for furniture. Combined with the type of opening, the name shows the assignment to the hardware solution. 


  • Slido F-Line: Slido F-Line11, Slido F-Line12, Slido F-Line14, Slido F-Line15, Slido F-Line16, Slido F-Line21, Slido F-Line31, Slido F-Line42, Slido F-Line 43, Slido F-Line32
  • Slido F-Fold: Slido F-Fold61, Slido F-Fold62
  • Slido F-Park: Slido F-Park71, Slido F-Park72
  • Slido F-Flush: Slido F-Flush51, Slido F-Flush52
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All Slido sliding solutions for furniture at a glance:

Slido F-Line11: Easy assembly

The Slido F-Line11 is the ideal solution for small doors weighing up to 12 kg. The tool-less fitting and removal of the doors makes assembly quick and easy. The product line is also an interesting alternative to hinged doors in terms of price.

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Slido F-Line12: Optimum price performance for simple applications

Slido F-Line12 can lift weights of up to 30 kg at a favourable purchase price. The bottom-running sliding fitting is height-adjustable and can be used with a plastic or aluminium track. The ease of assembly speaks in favour of the product.

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Slido F-Line14: The solution for display cases

Slido F-Line14 provides maximum installation comfort. The running components are integrated in the profile, and can be mounted with a handle. 6mm glass panes can be fitted easily without the use of silicone. This ensures that there is a high level of installation comfort and technology that is as invisible as possible.

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Slido F-Line15: First-class running properties

Slido F-Line15 impresses with its good running properties and optimum joint pattern thanks to the optional height adjusting facility. Door weights of up to 55 kg make the application flexible to use. The solution is rounded off by the optional soft and self closing mechanism.

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Slido F-Line16: Move heavy weights gracefully

Slido F-Line16 can handle even heavy door weights, and has outstanding damping properties. The clip panel makes modern cabinet design integration possible - optionally also in black. 

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Slido F-Line21: Restrained diversity

The filigree design of the running components and the track make Slido F-Line21 the perfect solution for lightweight sliding doors.  Thanks to the soft closing mechanism integrated in the tracks and the wide range of design options, Slido F-Line21 is the all-rounder for all applications from Vorfront to Infront to Mixfront furniture with wooden, glass or aluminium frame doors. Thanks to the impressively simple processing and installation steps, Slido F-Line21 is the favourite for modern living solutions.

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Slido F-Line31: Design in focus

Slido F-Line31 meets the highest demands on high-quality cabinet design thanks to the elegant designer running track with optional cover. The running part with the gentle soft closing system also provides the best possible sliding comfort. Different weight classes provide freedom in the use of wall units to bedroom wardrobes.

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Slido F-Line32: Running comfort and reduced design

Slido F-Line32 Impresses with possible door weights of up to 80kg, variable door material connections and excellent running properties. And all combined with easy assembly.

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Slido F-Line42: Design closets

With its comprehensive modular Vorfront system and its coordinated quick-fixing system, Slido F-Line42 provides unlimited design freedom for the wardrobe – optionally also with E-Drive and Synchro opening.

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Slido F-Line43: Uniquely individual

The modular design of Slido F-Line43 makes a wide range of furniture creations possible, from the simple 1-door model to elaborate, completely soft-closing 3-door or 4-door comfort solutions. The optional functions, such as synchronized opening or unique lighting elements on the front panel, set additional accents as required.

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Slido F-Fold61: Compact comfort

Slido F-Fold61 sets design accents for optimal access to the cabinet contents. The folding system is unique in a wide range of applications, from wardrobes to kitchens, with stable and comfortable running characteristics and no bottom guide whatsoever.

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Slido F-Fold62: Variable folds

70kg per pair of doors, door thicknesses of 27mm, two, four or six doors, connected using concealed hinges or free-moving – Slido F-Fold62 has the flexibility for a wide range of customer needs.

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Slido F-Park71: The price-performance champion

The long service life thanks to the simple technology makes Slido F-Park71 a popular solution. The side storage of the doors also creates free space, whereas the ease of assembly saves time.

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Slido F-Park72: Maximum free space

Slido F-Park72 gives you the option of free space or organisation with a unique pivot-sliding system : the doors, which are invisibly stowed away next to the furniture, provide unobstructed access or conceal the cabinet contents behind a homogeneous front panel. Thanks to pre-assembly and simple installation steps, Slido F-Park72 is the ideal solution wherever living areas merge, such as in open kitchens or walk-in closets.

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Slido F-Flush51​​​​​​​: Clean Line

Slido F-Flush51 is the flush-mounted fitting for a wide variety of applications. The comprehensive system with the integrated soft closing mechanism and a modular construction kit leaves nothing to be desired with regard to clear designs, from aluminium frame to electric drives and accessories .

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Slido F-Flush52: Lightness over the entire front

The unique Slido F-Flush52 flush Infront system shows its strength and diversity especially with small and lightweight doors. Thanks to uncomplicated assembly and adjustment, living room furniture such as sideboards and also bathroom furniture is given a sophisticated, minimalist look in no time at all.

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Slido from Häfele provides technically sophisticated sliding solutions for all living and business areas. Be it interior doors, partition wall systems, room solutions or furniture doors – Slido is suitable for every conceivable application, and sets your design ideas in motion.

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