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Slido Door – Variety in Motion


Sliding doors open up (free) spaces: with their space-saving function, the sophisticated solutions from Slido Door give rooms a new feeling of spaciousness and, thanks to their comprehensive design options, also provide creative freedom. The ease of use and gentle sliding comfort make Slido Door the ideal companion when you are planning innovative room experiences.



Slido Door references

Häfele provides customers all over the world with sliding solutions for room doors with Slido Door. Thanks to the extensive range of design options, Slido Door is also used in a wide range of ways in the project area.

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Slido Door – The product families at a glance

Slido D (for doors) is the sliding door fitting range for room doors. Combined with the type of opening, the name reveals the assignment to the hardware solution. 

  • Slido D-LineSlido D-Line11, Slido D-Line12, Slido D-Line13, Slido D-Line41, Slido D-Line42, Slido D-Line43
  • Slido D-Fold: Slido D-Fold871



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All of the Slido sliding solutions for room doors at a glance

Slido D-Line11: One for all

A coordinated modular system for wooden or glass doors in various weight classes and applications is what distinguishes Slido D-Line11: The uniform track and accessory system give you design freedom from wall or pocket installation to (integrated) ceiling installation to synchronised opening and stacking. The new generation of the soft and self closing mechanism with fluid technology and the optional push-to-open function provide easy, convenient and smooth operation, even under heavy use.

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Slido D-Line12: Comfort and style

Slido D-Line12 provides maximum installation convenience due to its easily accessible track with removable front panel. The optional fixed element connection and wall spacer profiles open up additional application areas for wooden and glass sliding solutions, optionally with integrated ceiling installation, fixed element and also with synchro opening. The available unusual surface in black offers an additional design boost.

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Slido D-Line13: Easy movement of heavy doors

Slido D-Line13 is the sliding door system for the heavier weight range up to 750kg. The sliding solution is also suitable for large doors, since it is connected to the ceiling and the wall.

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Slido D-Line41: Lightness and comfort

Slido D-Line41 has been without equal on the market to date. With its low opening force, it is child's play to operate and, with its purist/elegant design and concealed running technology, it also fulfils the highest visual demands. This makes the system the perfect companion for interior passage doors, and ideal for use in heavily frequented public buildings. The track is optionally available in black or silver coloured.

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Slido D-Line42: Modern vintage design

Slido D-Line42 creates the harmonious fusion of contemporary technology with the trendy vintage look. An absolute eye-catcher for every home.

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Slido D-Line43: Floating elegance

Wooden and aluminium framed doors move as if by magic and open the full passage width. Slido D-Line43 ensures elegant design without visible fittings. On hard floors there is not even a need for a bottom running track, since the floor guide is also invisibly integrated.

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Slido D-Fold871: Save space with wood

In cases where a classic sliding door cannot be installed in a room, Slido D-Fold871 comes into play. The space-saving folding door solution for folding wooden sliding doors has a smaller opening radius compared to a hinged door. This makes it easy to open up passages and park the folding door to the side without any problems.

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Slido from Häfele provides technically sophisticated sliding solutions for all living and business areas. Be it interior doors, partition wall systems, room solutions or furniture doors – Slido is suitable for every conceivable application, and sets your design ideas in motion.

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